Encoding.tv Provides Full-Service Encoding, Movie Conversion

GLENDALE, Calif. - Encoding.tv, a full-service content-encoding company, uses cutting-edge technology and years of experience in multimedia programming to provide solutions for Web delivery of digital content.


"We have spent a lot of time creating some of our propriety encoding applications to meet the universal needs of our clients, and we provide full-service encoding in all media, from [Windows Media Video] and Flash to all mobile formats, clip editing, movie enhancing, screen captures and trailer creations," CEO Shahan Ohanessian told AVN Online. "We are pretty much a one-stop shop for all encoding and movie-conversion needs."


Encoding.tv provides state-of-the-art media-hosting services from its partner company, Media Conductor, or delivers encoded content for customers to host themselves.


According to Ohanessian, there are companies that do in-house encoding, but Encoding.tv keeps up with the ever-changing encoding and movie-streaming business.


"We can deliver the newest and best encodes that exist in the market," he said. "Some of our clients used to do all the encoding in-house, but due to our competitive pricing and service, they have switched to our company and have made long-term commitments to use our services.


"If we can meet the expectations and reduce cost, then it's a no-brainer. Our service and client care have made us what we are today. Our clients are the backbone of our company, and we pay attention to all of their wants and needs."


Ohanessian said Encoding.tv focuses on serving the entire industry, from small companies to larger ones.


"We can handle significant encoding orders as easily as we can [handle] the smaller ones because we have the ability to complete the work in a very short time," he said.


Ohanessian said his company offers clients an all-important element for their websites: high-quality, interactive multimedia content.


"If a picture is worth a thousand words," he said, "imagine what a high-quality streaming video could do for a website."