Elevated X Releases Version 3.0

VALENCIA - Leading CMS provider Elevated X has announced an extensive upgrade to the Elevated X CMS with version 3.0.

The new version is an extensive and comprehensive member's area data analytics program that enables site owners to view real-time statistical graphs and charts, based on member behavior. The data covers 30 different aspects of site use including daily, weekly and month-to-month comparisons.

"With the industry becoming increasingly competitive, now is the time for site operators to boost member retention, streamline their workflow and automate as much as possible so they have more free time to focus on tasks that make them money," said company CEO AJ Hall. "We recognize this and are offering more features that build better sites and cut down on the time involved in building and running a pay site."

Newly added features include a month-to-month calendar of events, a private messaging system, a double opt-in mailing list, an automated contact form generator, an automatic preview thumbnail generator, a new "share with a friend" marketing feature, a notification option to alert site operators when a site is running low on scheduled updates, comprehensive data analytics with detailed graphical stats views and the ability to take any stats generated and display them on a users website as top lists.

All new features are included in the standard monthly fee of $150 with no additional charges.

"Our experience with Elevated X has definitely been a positive one," Roy Palondikar of Playboy said. "The CMS and support staff is the perfect fit for us and any company looking to more efficiently run their paysites."

Other features and optional add-ons include fully automated video transcoding, automatic photo resizing, watermarking and Zipping, an automated FHG generator, an automatic tour manager, free and member's only rich media diary/journal entries, free and/or limited trial area management, an A-Z model index with model bio pages and member favorites, comments, polls and much more.

As with previous versions, all of the new Elevated X CMS features will work with any billing company, any affiliate software and any 3rd party site security or password management script. Additionally, Elevated X has excellent relationships with most hosting companies.  

In order to celebrate, Elevated X is waiving all setup fees during the entire month of October.

For more information, visit the Elevated X website.