Elevated X Offers Leases Without Down Payments, Setup Fees

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Elevated X is offering leases of its pay-site content management system throughout July with no down payments or setup fees, a $500 value.


The company also is extending savings on the full license of its software by including setup of its video transcoding plug-in at no additional cost, also a $500 value.


"A good content management system is essential, very much like electrical and plumbing in your house," Andre of LegitCash.com said. "I understood that a good CMS would allow my business to scale over time and, at the same time, be stable. When I looked at Elevated X, I could recognize that a lot of thought was going into the product.


"I am now a very happy owner of the Elevated X CMS. It allows me to mold my business how I need it to mold it, rather than have software dictate how I do things."


The transcoding plug-in encodes source video into multiple formats, including MPEG, Flash and iPod/iPhone format. The plug-in cuts videos into clips, including single clips for use on tours and tube sites, and it can take screen captures of videos for use as photo galleries.


"We've used Elevated X to run our network of pay sites for over two years," said Arthur, aka "YellowManace," of MeatCash.com. "The system is solid and easy to use and lets us build new sites quickly, which is critical to our program's growth.


"I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high-end system to power their sites, or anyone wanting to automate many of the routine and time-consuming site-management-related tasks."


For more information or to arrange a live demonstration, visit ElevatedX.com.