Elevated X Debuts API for Custom Template Development

LOS ANGELES—Elevated X—an award-winning paysite CMS software company—has published an API for designers, programmers and web developers to better add custom elements to their designs.

“We want to make customizing sites as easy as possible,” said Elevated X co-founder AJ Hall. “This PHP Templating API provides a simple pathway for developers to avoid custom database or AJAX calls for common functions. It’s a big step that will allow designers and developers to create better Elevated X CMS themes.”

The new API makes it possible for developers to use elements of the CMS on any page they choose. For instance, if a client wishes to embed specific scenes on their members area home page, they can do this without connecting to the database directly, or making separate AJAX calls.

The company said the addition of the API is intended to open its CMS software up to more designers and developers who wish to create CMS themes and offer site customization services to its customers.

Visit ElevatedX.com and contact the company directly for more information.