Elevated X Celebrates 20 Years In Business With Major Shift

LOS ANGELESCelebrating its 20th anniversary, Elevated X, a multi-award-winning website management software provider, on Wednesday announced a significant shift in its business operations. Moving forward, the company will transition into an investment and venture funding firm, ceasing the sale of its software to new customers.

Heather Knox, Elevated X’s Director of Operations, explains the company’s new direction: 

“In 2018, Elevated X launched a comprehensive concierge website service, Elevated X Complete, and began investing in indie producers and performers lacking the capital to transition to operating large scale brands. The success of this investment and business incubation program, along with record-breaking success among our legacy production brand clients has been impossible to ignore. At this point in our maturity and with our position in the industry, this transition was a very natural next step for the company.

"The decision was made that 2023 would be the last year Elevated X offered its software for sale to new customers. It simply makes sense at this point in the life cycle of our business to reallocate 100% of our passion and our resources toward what we do best - building, supporting, growing and sustaining the most successful brands in adult entertainment.”

Elevated X will continue its 20-year history of consistent product development and monthly software bug-fix, performance enhancement and security updates, along with a series of new components, improvements and offerings slated for release this year.

The company will still be building a select number of websites each year through its investment and business incubation division, Elevated X Complete.

Knox added, “As part of focusing exclusively on our existing clients, we will begin providing direct funding to individuals we believe in, including showcasing them at the industry’s biggest trade shows, with dedicated show booths for their own brands exclusively.”

Those unable to purchase the software prior to this announcement or those seeking to utilize Elevated X website services may do so by seeking direct venture funding through elxcomplete.com.

As Elevated X celebrates its 20th year, it highlights its clients, with several of its Complete investment brands nominated for website awards in 2024, along with dozens of the company’s established production brand and performer clients, collectively nominated for more than 200 awards across various categories.