Ela Darling Sponsors Unity3D Developer Contest

LOS ANGELES—Ela Darling, partner in the new start-up company VRTube.xxx, is looking to expand the company's horizons—and to do so, she's decided to solicit visual virtual input from fans of the genre.

"First I want to thank you for your support as my team and I got VRTube.xxx off the ground," Darling recently wrote on Reddit. "Your advice, feedback, and kind words have meant a lot to us this past month or so. We've made some preliminary changes to the way the site looks and to our Unity environment. I’m excited to announce a little contest we’ve put together.

"This community is full to bursting with talent, knowledge, and skill," she continued. "I’m sure there are folks here who can create a better Unity environment than the one we’re currently utilizing in our hologram player. Some of you have even told me so, with I’m sure the kindest intentions ;) so I’m inviting you to do so."

To enter the contest, there are a few requirements:

• Entrants must be 18 or over to participate. (Sorry kiddos.)

• The program is in Unity, so any submission should be as well.

• Creators are free to use environments from other projects, as long as they give VRTube permission to use it in perpetuity on its player. "We don’t need exclusive rights, just enough rights to distribute it in our program," Darling stated.

• VRTube will be putting up a compiled version of the submitted update, so they will be simply releasing a .exe file and the submission's source code won’t be released (unless the submitter informs VRTube otherwise).

• Brands, logos, and anything copywritten is off limits.

And what will entrants win?

"Other than the pride of contributing to an exciting new venture in pornography, your prize will be a custom hologram of me for your eyes only (or whomever you share it with. I won’t sell it on the site, is what I’m saying)," Darling told fans.

"That’s right, I will create a solo hologram of myself doing whatever dirty kinky things you want, within reason," she explained. "No animals, nothing that could get me in trouble with the fuzz for obscenity, no toys that are too big for my holes to accommodate, etc. Want me to scream your name? Call you daddy? DP myself? Tell you about my excellent survival plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse? You got it, baby. Whatever makes your boner smile."

"The cutoff date for submissions is May 10," she noted, "so hop to it and show me what your ideal VR fap room looks like."