DVSX, X Cartel Sign Landmark Agreement with TheContentStore.com

LOS ANGELES - In a landmark agreement, DVSX Inc., the parent company of DVSX and X Cartel, has contracted for the first-ever co-branded "Official Studio DVD Content Licensing Stores." They will be exclusively managed, operated and powered by adult Internet veteran J$tyle$ and TheContentStore.com.

This new venture enables the studios to control distribution, further tap into this available revenue stream and more closely control the licensing of their DVD titles for Internet, mobile, IPTV, world-wide broadcast and international hotel PPV by bringing it all in-house.

"This truly is a monumental deal," said J$tyle$, owner of TheContentStore.com. "Over the years I've worked diligently to ensure that I'm always able to offer my adult website and affiliate program owner clients the best DVD studio-produced content at reasonable prices. Now, I'm able expand my business further and conduct it on a higher level, plus it's the epitome of a mutually beneficial relationship. I'm empowering DVD Studios by giving them the opportunity to enhance their profits and create additional cash flow by tapping into my existing client base via their own ‘Official Studio DVD Content Licensing Stores.' Equally as important, my clients know that they are not signing licensing agreements with a company ‘brokering' titles. They are licensing from the producers directly, and the studios sign every agreement."

Javier C., owner of DVSX said, "The bottom line is that times have changed and so have the markets for which studios produce content. Licensing our DVD titles for Web usage has been a consideration for a while now, but I've always been cautious because it's new territory. I've been approached by brokers in the past, but none offered the security, transparency or checks and balances that we've been provided by having our own official DVD licensing stores. By controlling who gets to license our content internally, we know who can legally publish it and on which domains it will be displayed. There are thieves pirating DVD content all over the world every day on the Web, and we fight to protect our content at a large cost and don't make one thin dime from it. Obviously, there are legitimate companies online that want to pay a fair price and legally license from us directly, and quite frankly, we can no longer ignore it as an important revenue stream. We're serious about making moves in this sector and aligning DVSX and X Cartel with J$tyle$ and TheContentStore.com simply makes the most sense."

For more information, email J$tyle$ at [email protected] or visit TheContentStore.com.