Dreamnex Launches Official Affiliate/Brokering Solution, TheAdultCompany.eu

MARSEILLE, France - European adult Internet service provider Dreamnex has announced the launch of its official affiliate/brokering solution, TheAdultCompany.eu.

Version 1.1 contains more than 1,000 landing pages in French, Spanish, Italian, English and Dutch. Additionally, the program offers Dreamnex's exclusive 100 percent integrated credit card billing solution. Geo targeted join forms offer credit card and EU debit, phone and SMS billing, as well as a prepaid internet card when available.
Webmasters can promote video-on-demand, live cams with more than 10,000 performers in 15 languages, dating and the exclusive adult shop SexyAvenue.com.  

Affiliate programs are able to integrate Dreamnex's exclusive products, pass their affiliates IDs and get their stats back after transaction, making it an extremely viable way to maximize EU traffic on any product or site.  
TheAdultCompany.eu also contains exclusive features such as livecam payment forms, geo targeted sticky ads, webcam galleries, an XML with over 10,000 webcam performers and landing pages which feature high converting DHTML email catcher in 5 languages. More than 16 types of payment forms are available for an easy.
For more information, visit TheAdultCompany.eu website or contact Vice President of Business Development Arnaud at [email protected].