Dr. Suzy: A Hot Time in the Old Town Saturday Night

(Pictured, l-r: Jamey Janes, Dr. Suzy, Vicki Chase)

LOS ANGELES—Saturday night's Dr. Susan Block Show started off a bit hesitantly. By the 10:30 p.m. "curtain," three of the scheduled guests were AWOL: Charlie's Porno Adventure stars Jamey Janes and Hollie Stevens, not to mention director Jim Powers, were all at the LA Galaxy soccer game downtown, which let out barely in time for them to make their appearances on the internationally known webcast. And what with traffic around the Home Depot Center and the fact that the trio had visited the stadium's bar, Dr. Suzy was less than reassured by their continual text messages promising "We're on our way!"

Those who were there on time, however, included the movie's male lead, Evan Stone, whom some consider to be a one-man party in his own right; actress Vicki Chase, one of "Charlie's Goddesses"; and her husband, actor Eric John.

But the evening's entertainment wasn't entirely dedicated to the Powerville movie, since May has become known among sex-positives as "masturbation month," which somehow translated to additional attendees Richard "Corpsey" Rhine of Girls & Corpses magazine, and the irrepressible "Porno Dan" Leal (who later filled us in on some of the problems he's had with CalOSHA).

Evan began by providing a few details of the filming of Charlie's Porno Adventure, which he said took place some time ago, wrapping just as its inspiration, Charlie Sheen, was being fired from his $2 million-per-episode gig on CBS's Two and a Half Men, an event which Powers incorporated into his movie's ending.

Somewhat more revealing was Vicki, who on questioning by Dr. Suzy revealed that before getting into porn about a year and a half ago, she'd been a bank teller, and one of her customers was husband Eric, and that the two frequently had "nooners" during the workday—sometimes two or three in one day! Vicki also admitted that she'd been "touching myself" since she was 12.

Right about then, Dr. Suzy was slipped a tweet from a frequent viewer, dubbed "PantyBoy," who wanted to see Vicki try on something from Dr. Suzy's stash of panties, and the exotic beauty was only too happy to oblige.

The climax of the early part of the show, however, had to be Evan licking some "lime salt" off of Vicki's tit as a prelude to downing a shot glass full of Agwa di Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur.

But when the "Galaxy trio" finally arrived, things began to move at a fast pace. It seems that Powers often scolds performers who arrive late to his set, so it seemed only proper that Vicki and Jamey deliver a proper spanking to Powers' bare ass for his own tardiness, much as Vicki alone had spanked Evan earlier for reasons that the lateness of the hour have dimmed in memory.

Then PantyBoy wanted Jamey to try on a pair of Dr. Suzy's panties as well, and before long she was sporting a pair of orange panties which nicely contrasted with Vicki's turquoise pair—though both gals' bare breasts made the rest of the show that much more fun to watch.

Vicki mentioned that her favorite vibrator is the Hitachi "mushroom head" model, and the gals fooled around with that for a while, until Hollie Stevens, sporting an attractive crewcut, hopped onto the bed and began licking Jamey's pussy and applying the Hitachi to Jamey's clit.

We'd like to report on everything that went on that evening, but suffice to say that as the show drew to a close, Eric was fucking Vicki missionary style on Dr. Suzy's bed, while Evan was rogering Jamey in several positions on the couch—with about half a dozen photographers taking pictures of it all.

Major kudos to the show's producer, Kelly Shibari, for putting the raucous scene together, and riding herd on everyone during the show.

The Dr. Susan Block Show can be seen every Saturday night at 10:30 PST on her subscription site, and listened to for free here.