Dr. Jenn Launches Interactive Website

SAN DIEGO - Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus, aka Dr. Jenn, has launched her interactive website DrJennsDen.com.


A primary feature of the site is the video podcast "In the Den with Dr. Jenn," which Gunsaullus has written and hosted for the past year and a half. Roughly 75 episodes have been produced, ranging in length from five to 15 minutes.


"The focus is female sexuality from a holistic perspective, including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual, in a broad sense," Gunsaullus said. "Each show has a ‘Den Chat' topic or interview, a sexual fun fact - these are very popular with viewers - and a ‘Den Recommend' of a book, activity, movie, website, et cetera."


The episodes are shot in high-definition, wide-screen format. The show is produced by Gorilla Soapbox.


Visitors have downloaded episodes of the video podcast an average of 30,000 times monthly.


The website also has a calendar of events, blog, polls, comments and more to make the site truly interactive, Gunsaullus said.


"Creating a new website that is interactive and community-oriented means that there is a woman-friendly space for viewers of the show and couples interested in leaning more about female sexuality," she said. "We jokingly refer to it as a destination website."


Gunsaullus said the makeup of her online following is a little surprising.


"Although I've designed the show for women, based on who writes to me with questions and comments, I seem to have a larger following of men," she said. "I think this has to do with the fact that men are generally more comfortable with the topic of sex and because men are more likely to be on the Internet looking at sex-related material.


"As well, I get a sense that men who are in relationships with women appreciate my show because it gives them insights into their partners and makes for stronger and more satisfying relationships. The show seems to appeal to a wide range of ages and races/cultures."