Donny Long Launches

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Veteran adult producer/performer Donny Long has officially launched, a portal for industry professionals to network and find employment opportunities.

Long said the site actually has been up since he got started in adult in 2005 just as an application form, but more recently he built out the site's features to include profiles, a comments function, a members' area and more.

" has been around forever, but they're more open to the public, mine's more underground just for the industry," Long said. "There are a lot of fresh, female models on the site wanting to get into the business."

He has aggressively marketed the site in recent weeks, placing announcements on industry message boards and making sure the site is indexed on major search engines.

"It's all over the Net," he said. "There are thousands of pages indexed in Google. We have photographers, drivers, model housing, feature dancing gigs, webcam gigs for the girls, makeup artists, whatever you might need. ..."

Long said a person on gets two free emails per week and then each email after that is $10.

"What I've been really surprised about with the site is I have photographers and modeling agencies from all over the world that are signing up, many that I've never heard of," he said. "I get about 30 new profiles a day and about one paid member per day."

The 29-year-old Long was born and raised in Miami and the Florida Keys. He got started in porn during the summer of '05 performing for Florida-based companies such as Bang Bros.

"I was actually a swinger before I got in the business. I used to be a member of several swing clubs. I got into porn and was open to fucking in public and moved to LA after 35 scenes," Long recalled. "I came out to LA and I was out here for a trip to try get some work and I never went back. I was working two to three times a day for a solid three years."

Long continued, "In one of my first shoots when I got to LA I worked for Jim [Powers] back for Club Cytherea when that used to be open. Then I got in with Top Bucks, and was the main guy on that site, and I was on MILF Seeker every week. I worked for Red Light a lot, West Coast [Productions] a lot."

He called upon his business experience in Florida to help him make inroads in adult.

"After a little over two years being in the industry of watching over everybody's shoulder and looking at the business aspect, I realized the money is not being a meat puppet, the money is actually behind the camera on the business side of it, so I decided to create and start filming," Long said. "One of the first companies I started filming with was Brazzers, then Massive Dollars and Incredible Dollars. I shot 500 scenes in one year."

Long also owns his own production studio ( that he uses to shoot content for several of his clients.

"I have a lot of POV clients and I perform in a lot of the productions I do, but I also hire a lot of talent," Long said. "Everything I shoot is for clients. It's custom-ordered content.  ... I think this business has a lot of channels and avenues. You just have to know how to get involved in them."

The former firefighter and boat mechanic owned his own mobile marine service from the age of 18 until he was 25. He repaired numerous boats on the dock on his way to opening a boat consignment shop that eventually turned into a sizeable boat dealership.

"People would also bring their boats to the shop," Long said. "... But four hurricanes back-to-back wiped me out."

Since the local economy in the Florida Keys heavily relies on tourism, negative media reports about how local businesses were affected by the natural disasters were detrimental to Long's boat dealership.

"I hadn't worked for anybody in six or seven years," he said.

Prior to building his boat business, Long spent two years as both a volunteer and paid firefighter in the Florida Keys.

"I saw a lot of blood and guts and cut a lot of dead people out of cars," said Long, who added that he sought that line of work because he wanted "to help people." "It was just something I wanted to do. ... There were plenty of times I've been in burning buildings that were collapsing around me, and seen boats that exploded and all kinds of crazy stuff. I've done a lot a lot and seen a lot. We have a lot of bad head-on collisions in the Keys.  There's an 18-mile road that has bad head-on collisions with drunks at night."

Long said he quit high school in the ninth grade because "I thought I was smarter than the teacher."

"Then I became the head mechanic at a shop in Miami and was making $14 an hour," he said. "Since I was like 12, I was always turning wrenches on motors. I was a little motor head. They called me ‘The Little MacGyver.' I can fix boats, cars, trucks, RVs. If it's got a wire, bolt or a nut, I can fix it."