Donations Sought to Help Seriously Ill Mr Mary Lou

CYBERSPACE—Industry veteran, longtime link list reviewer and BBW aficionado Mr Mary Lou (pictured) has been stricken with lung cancer, according to an announcement posted to Dec. 26. The message, apparently set up by Greenguy, says that Mr Mary Lou, who is known for having helped many newbies and others over the years, is seriously ill and without any health insurance, and contains a request to industry professionals for help.

“Last night, MrMaryLou (Harry Thomas) was taken into the ER via ambulance due to problems with his breathing. After a couple of scans, it was revealed that he has a massive tumor on one lung & many smaller ones on the other,” the message read.

“He's in the process of getting an appointment at Roswell (probably the best cancer hospital in the North East) to have a biopsy done,” the message continued. “Then, we go from there.

“The MaryLou's have no insurance and, even though he's too proud to say it, he was released from all of his reviewing jobs except for one, where he was cut back to the bare minimum a couple weeks ago. That is why [we’re] are asking you to please donate to ease the burden on him & his family.”

On Dec. 29, Ramster posted a subsequent plea for help to the Medium Pimpin’ board. “I just wanted to post this about a fellow webmaster, MrMaryLou, a friend I met years ago when I first go into the business,” he wrote. “MrMaryLou has been a longtime friend and employee or Greenguy from Link-O-Rama. He was also a reviewer for many years for sites such as Richards Realm and SmutGremlins and did various small projects for FTV Cash in the past.

“MrMaryLou has no insurance so if you can find any extra money in this terrible economy it would be appreciate it,” Ramster continued. “He would never come out to ask for money himself, Greenguy has set this donation page up to try and help his friend. You may not know MrMaryLou but you've certainly seen him at the shows in past years driving around in his power cart.”

The donation page can be found here.