Disco Dinero Cash Program Launches

LOS ANGELES - Akarin W. (aka A-Bomb) and Dan Leal (aka Porno Dan) have united with financier Disco Fred to create the Disco Dinero cash program.

Disco Dinero was launched alongside Secret Agent Pornstar, the first site affiliated with the program. The site features the adventures of real-life married man Leal, who is sent off on missions that require him to have sex with wild foreign women in all sorts of crazy places and scenarios.


"This site is dedicated to all the millions of married men out there that wish they could go out and have sex with hot chicks without their wives every finding out," A-Bomb said. "We gave Dan a very hard task, and he overachieved by finding more one-time wonders and first-time girls than we could have ever have dreamed of."

Leal said the project was "a dream come true."


"I got to be blown and fucked by more hot young bimbos than there are lies told by politicians during an election year," he said.

Disco Dinero has been shooting content all over the world to amass about 1,000 exclusive unscripted scenes of amateurs having sex.

For more information, contact A-Bomb at [email protected].