Digital Playground Taps Utherverse for First-Ever Crossover

VANCOUVER—Digital Playground has tapped Utherverse Digital Inc., creator of more than 15,000 3D virtual worlds, to create the first-ever studio-branded 3D virtual world, offering the porn studio an innovative new way to monetize its consumer base online.

Using Utherverse’s simple software, Digital Playground created the only virtual world where fans around the globe can talk, hang out and even touch their favorite porn stars using customized avatars.

“Digital Playground has just upped the ante in the virtual world arena by becoming the first major adult film studio to launch a virtual world on the Utherverse VWW platform,” Utherverse Digital CEO Brian Shuster said. “The launch puts the studio on the forefront of new technology companies, setting itself apart as a cutting-edge studio on top of the latest ways to put fans in direct contact with stars. This 3D virtual interaction makes for a much more thrilling and captivating experience, which pays a dividend in fan loyalty for a lifetime.”

Digital Playground founder Joone said he was excited to partner with Utherverse. “Their unique approach to social networking is refreshing,” said the director of the acclaimed Pirates series. “We strongly believe that this type of virtual environment will enable fans to experience our movies and our stars in a highly demanded and entertaining way."

A massive launch party, set for March 4, will showcase the studio’s newest contract star, Raven Alexis, who will meet her fans live, premiere her newest film, No Love Lost, and give every loyal fan an opportunity to have one-on-one avatar sex with her for a small fee.

The red carpet event starts at 6 p.m., when Raven will meet and escort members to her special screening held in the Digital Playground world’s branded movie theater. The party won’t stop until every eligible member has met and enjoyed some personal time with the starlet.

"Digital Playground and I are teaming up with Utherverse to launch my movie, No Love Lost, in the online Digital Playground world that has been created within Utherverse,” said Raven. “This event will be a chance for my fans to chat with me, see me on webcam, and watch my movie with me! I’m so excited for this—and I’m hoping that you will all join me! Don't miss out!!! See you there!"

The best part, adds Utherverse, is that Digital Playground gets paid 75 percent lifetime revenue for every user who becomes a VIP member, providing those members with the kind of one-on-one access that remains unrivaled by any other website.

“The VWW is the only place a company like Digital Playground can get interactive international fan exposure of this caliber,” Shuster said. “It’s a whole new ongoing revenue stream that will be generated from their existing contacts, as well as massive exposure for their latest DVD release, which is expected to break sales records for this kind of film as a result of this event.”

More events of this kind are in the works within the Digital Playground Lounge, says the studio, which is scheduling meet-and-greets with more of its contract stars, and future red-carpet DVD premieres throughout the year.

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