Digital Playground Now iPhone-Compatible

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Digital Playground announced on Monday that its membership website has been made iPhone-compatible.


Web development company DCM Inc. worked with Digital Playground over the last few months to launch the customized platform for the iPhone.  


"iPhone site was finished early in the month and launched it to the public 10 days ago," DCM President Leslie Sharp told AVN Online. "Joone has some fabulous ideas so we're still developing and rolling out new features daily, but to my knowledge, Digital Playground is the first fully functional adult member site that is iPhone-compatible."


The Digital Playground website is entirely accessible via iPhone.


"Users will be able to view everything currently available on the Digital Playground member site via their iPhone," Sharp said. "It offers all of the features the Web-based members' section offers, such as buffer free streaming, favorites, search, support and cross-referencing."


There are two monthly membership options, Digital Playground President Joone said.


"People can join as a member through their iPhone for $19.75, which only permits access to the site through their mobile device, or purchase the full membership for $29.95, which allows them to access the members' area via a computer or iPhone," he said.