Digital Playground Adopts QR Technology

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Digital Playground has implemented the use of QR (Quick Repsonse) technology, a unique bar code that lets consumers instantly and easily learn more about a company’s product using smartphones.

Digital Playground founder Joone explained, “If someone is in a store holding a Digital Playground movie, they can scan the QR code off the box cover using their smartphone and watch the trailer right on the spot.”

Digital Playground’s newest movie, Top Guns, is the first release to integrate the QR technology onto its box covers. From now on, all of Digital Playground’s movies, products and marketing materials will have QR codes.

Farley Cahen, Digital Playground COO, said, “QR is a phenomenal vehicle to deliver rich media and other data via mobile to end-users. I’m confident that the ever-growing increase in smartphone adoption will cause more and more brands to follow Digital Playground’s lead by taking notice of and implementing QR codes.”

Added Digital Playground CEO Samantha Lewis, “We’re proud to be on the cutting edge—with both our movie productions and our technology. The QR code is just another way for consumers to appreciate the excellence that is, and always has been, our standard.”