Digital Delivery Seminar Addresses Adult Market

LAS VEGAS – The seminar was aptly titled “At Warp Speed: The Latest on
Digital Delivery.” For those who’ve been hiding in a cave, the name of the
game these days is maximizing content revenue streams and the way to go is,
apparently digital.
The near-capacity crowd came to glean wisdom at the feet of some of the big
players in the digital-content delivery field.
Moderated by AVN Media Network’s director of licensing Farley Cahen, the
panel consisted of’s Richard Cohen,’s Jeffrey
Dillon,’s Blake Fayling and Lawrence Novitch of
Cohen was the first panelist to speak and he emphasized his company’s
experience with customers who have very specific wants and needs when it
comes to the content they seek. “We’re seeing a lot of ‘specialization,’”
said Cohen, referring to the propensity of his customers to tailor their
needs to very well-defined genres rather than particular movie titles.
Gamelink’s Dillon noted, “There’s a shift in the market. We’re
transitioning from DVD sales to other types of delivery.” He also noted
that as the customer becomes more accustomed to needs-specific delivery,
brick-and-mortar stores are at a distinct disadvantage. “The stores can’t
hope to market to a specific customer like the online businesses can,” he
Blake Fayling of, representing the mobile content
delivery side of things, noted that with mobile, there is a great deal of
“fragmentation.” Specifically, content in this area can be cut in myriad
ways to cater to individual subscribers’ needs. He also noted that in the
mobile delivery field, there are numerous international and local rules one
must follow which also lend to this so-called fragmentation that can
repurpose a single scene in clips that range from a few seconds to minutes.
AllAdultChannel's Lawrence Novitch noted that there is opportunity in
the digital delivery field. “We’ve just started several new integration
services,” he said, emphasizing the constantly changing nature of the
When the floor was opened to questions, one of the major topics was piracy,
which all the panelists agreed was hurting business for everyone. The
solution? Tell everyone not to use bit torrent sites and free streaming
sites. Simple, perhaps, but one has to start somewhere.
Of course, all in attendance were urged to utilize free resources to keep
abreast of the latest developments in the field. As moderator Cahen
suggested, “It’s an online world now. You need to use free sources of
information like AVN Online, AVN, and We’re here to help you.”