Did Ron Jeremy Cost Miss Nevada Her Crown?

LOS ANGELES—Ron Jeremy may like to wax universal about religion, but that doesn't mean the superstar celebrity porn star has the right to willfully destroy the career of a budding beauty queen! It's a huge scandal in the making as headlines have been screaming the possible end of Jade Kelsall's reign as Miss Nevada after the brown-haired beauty thoughtlessly posted a photo to Facebook that ABC News has labeled "racy." The NY Daily News weighed in, coining the situation a "scandal," and other outlets are starting to pile on. So what saucy sin was found in the pic?

"The photo, posted Thursday, shows a young woman at a bar embracing porn legend Ron Jeremy and simulating an oral sex act," reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which broke the story. "Two sources who saw the photo identified the woman in the photo as Kelsall, who finished third runner-up in Donald Trump's Miss USA contest in June at Planet Hollywood Resort."

But has anyone checked the woman's birth certificate? And how in God's name did the two even happen to cross paths? Was it a planned assignation? A furtive meeting of two mismatched love birds?

"According to their Twitter feeds," continued the Review-Journal, "they were in Los Angeles, where Kelsall was competing in an audition in a 'MasterChef' Season 4 show featuring chef Gordon Ramsay."

The plot thickens like a sauce, but thankfully Shanna Moakler, executive director of Miss Nevada USA, decided to pour water on the spreading flames by issuing an emergency statement to ABC News.

“The Miss Nevada USA organization stands behind Jade Kelsall 100 percent and has no intentions of removing her crown," the statement read. "There is no photo considered salacious or scandalous to our knowledge and we are saddened to see a poor attempt to berate a young woman who has represented her state so proudly."

Scandal averted in the nick of time? Not so fast. After assiging some AVN resources to this story, our crack team of investigative reporters uncovered another image of Kelsall, this time from January (shown above), that reveals a newly crowned Miss Nevada celebrating her 26th birthday at LAVO inside The Palazzo. Looks like the lady was licking something luscious there, too.

Some things, it seems, are not always what they seem. That said, we wouldn't take Kelsall's crown away for it (and might even give her another one), but hey, if the lollipop fits ...