Diabolic Dollars Issues Phoenix Forum Beer-Pong Challenge

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Diabolic's online program Diabolic Dollars, has issued a challenge to webmasters registered for the XXX Iron Man beer-pong event at the Phoenix Forum.


Diabolic Dollars will have two teams, who are playfully called the Diabolic Drinkers. One team consists of Christian Amico of Diabolic Dollars and Steven Bugbee of Matrix Content, and the other team includes Don Osterholt of Diabolic Dollars and Joel of Webmaster Central.


The Diabolic teams' challengers will win cash or prizes in addition to the official prizes for the event. If opponents of either Diabolic team win, they will be given the chance to choose from three prize envelopes.


"We know that the Diabolic Drinkers have a high tolerance for beer, so we are putting other webmasters to the test," Amico said. "If they [win], they not only win the satisfaction of victory, [but] also win a prize for doing so. They have three choices of prizes, but they won't know what it is until they pick an envelope ... if they can win against the Diabolic Drinkers!"


The XXX Iron Man competition was founded by CherryPimps, It'sYourPorn and LegitCash.


Visit XXXIronMan.com for official rules and prize descriptions.