Devil By Deed Launches First Pay Site

LOS ANGELES - Affiliate-marketing veteran Russ "The Preacher" Lubin has launched Cum Hungry Pornstars, the first pay site of the affiliate program Devil By Deed.


"I have experienced the highs and lows of making a living as an affiliate," he said. "I know what tools affiliates need to not only be successful, but do so with ease." 


Lubin said Devil By Deed entered beta testing at the end of September and was evaluated thoroughly by his industry contacts before being opened to the public.


"At the end of the day, the quality of the content promoted is not as important as the accessibility of both the marketing tools and financial statistics for an affiliate marketer," he said. "I still build sites, import galleries and use the same tools my affiliates use. This program is different, and I want the tools to be as accessible as possible."


Mark De Mers of Maladapted Media said he jumped at the opportunity to beta test Lubin's program. 


"The site is great, and I assume that my huge rush of traffic will make us both very wealthy," he said.


Devil By Deed will offer a 70 percent payout on all revshare sales until Jan. 1, 2008.