Deen's Year of Sin Ends With 'Sloth' Online, 'Wrath' on the Way

LOS ANGELES—When AVN interviewed James Deen back in the spring about his 7 Deadly Sins series, which was debuting on and subsequently on DVD through Evil Angel, he had just released the first, Greed, and had already shot Gluttony and Pride.

Now, the director reports, he's worked his way through each of the seven sins.

Throughout the project, the porn star/director has searched for clever and erotic ways to depict all of the Seven Deadly Sins: Greed, Envy, Pride, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony and Sloth. Each of the films has its own distinct look and storytelling flow, offering something that's not quite like anythind done in adult entertainment before.

Seven films and more than one year later, the project that has been the centerpiece of his website,, is coming to a close. With Sloth premiering on this week and Wrath in the editing room, Deen is already looking ahead. “I can't wait till creativity hits me again and I can work on another project of this magnitude.”

One of the effects of doing the series, the Deen team reports, has been to bridge the gap and create content that appeals to men and women equally. With a website that draws a roughly 50-50 male-to-female ratio of viewers, Deen needs a product that appeals to both genders.

The project has drawn considerable critical interest. Peter Warren of AVN described it as akin to "the twisted phantasmagoria you might get if Bret Easton Ellis and the ghost of Stanley Kubrick decided to collaborate on a series of hardcore movies." X noted, “This isn’t the same kind of porn most of us are used to watching over the last 20+ years.”

Janice Griffith, who performed in Greed and Wrath, said, "I had the most interesting experience on those sets; the concepts are something I've never seen in porn before and the way that they were executed was just perfect in ways that I would never be able to imagine. I'm honored to have been a part of this project."

The complete Seven Sins Project can be seen by subscribing to, which also offers hundreds of videos directed by Deen, ranging from highly produced pieces to single-camera “amateur” shoots, some of which involve women who have applied online through his blog to perform with him.

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