DatingGold Releases New Promo Tool

STOCKTON, Calif. - DatingGold has announced the release of a tool designed to help affiliates promote and brand themselves with customers. will allow affiliates to provide exclusive content for their members and use a customizable header for branding purposes, said AK, a business-development executive at DatingGold.


AK said website owners can link from their sites' member areas to the plug-in (upon approval), which will upsell to the WebcamClub site. WebcamClub offers users live, one-on-one webcam interaction with other users and exclusive models around the world.


CamsPlugin features recorded shows and galleries that affiliates can make to look like their own, using the customizable header and the co-brand tool.


"Affiliates can upload their headers, which will keep their site [and] brand intact," AK said. "Besides, it will be another - easier - way for the affiliates to promote WebcamClub."


Another benefit of using the plug-in, AK said, is the exclusive content that can help make sites stickier.


"We put up new cam shows daily," he said. "This is a free plug-in. Our commitment to affiliates remain the same: giving them more tools and great support so they can promote us better and increase everyone's bottom line."


Contact AK at [email protected] for information about using