Launches White Label

STOCKTON, Calif. - - one of the industry's leading adult dating and webcam affiliate programs, with more than 9 million users worldwide and high payout programs - has launched its dating white-label solution.

In addition to allowing affiliates to use the tool to provide DatingGold's services with the look and feel of their own sites, DatingGold also offers its white-label partners the option of using their own billing system.

"DatingGold white labels go beyond what other dating white labels can offer," said Allan Henning, CEO of DatingGold. "Our white label instantly provides partners with more than 9 million profiles and stands out from competitors because we offer the ability for partners to handle their own processing. This has been a hot feature for many of our larger partners."

Henning also noted there is a white label wizard inside DatingGold, which allows affiliates or partners to quickly and easily set up their own dating
site within minutes.

Users of DatingGold's white-label solution are reporting great satisfaction.

Jason A., founder of, said he initially approached DatingGold to see if they were interested in buying out as it simply wasn't converting. The site was signing up a few hundred people each day, and boasts 250,000 members, "but we just couldn't hit critical mass," he said. Users were only staying four or five minutes, he said, and members weren't coming back.

"I looked at a few other white-label systems, but after testing them, it was obvious that they weren't converting well," Jason A. said. "DatingGold's system is really dialed in! All of our traffic is now cross referencing with the other DatingGold sites, which increases conversion rates for us all. The more traffic any of us have, the better chance someone is going to send our members an email.  The busier the chat rooms are, the longer our members will keep paying! The model has been around, but it hasn't been done by a company that was successful on their own. We began converting immediately!"

Jason said the success has seen from DatingGold's white-label solution allows him to pay for software as a service, and not worry about managing designers, programmers, IT, support staff and more. With the increase in conversions, plans to launch an affiliate system shortly, he added.

DatingGold not only has a dating solution, but also a live cams white-label solution.

For more information on the white-label solution from DatingGold, visit or email [email protected].