Introduces CamsPlugin Stimulus Package

STOCKTON, Calif. - DatingGold has introduced the CamsPlugin Stimulus package.

When the was launched several months ago, it has been designed to help conversions to WebCamClub or an affiliate's co-branded site and also help retention in the member's area.
The CamsPlugin Stimulus Package offers an instant bonus to all affiliates using the CamsPlugin feeds on their sites. As soon as a final sale comes through from an affiliate using the CamsPlugin on their site, a $50 bonus is credited to their account. The program runs now through Dec. 31.

"This is for new affiliates and existing ones," said AK, a business-development executive with DatingGold. "We want affiliates to take advantage of this and a lot of time they won't bother using it because they think it's too hard to set up. CamsPlugin is very easy to set up."

AK also said, "If an affiliate is promoting the $150 per sale and using the CamsPlugin tool, the first sale could be worth $200!"

CamsPlugin is a free plug-in feed for DatingGold affiliates to promote live cams and give members new content. CamsPlugin is a great addition to any website as it gives members new, exclusive videos to watch every day. Along with this added feature is the ability to keep a brand in tact and make money off of upsells. is one of the industry's leading adult dating and webcam affiliate programs. Webcam payouts include up to 35 percent recurring, up to $150 per sale and up to $2 per free e-mail signup.
Dating Payouts include up to 70 percent recurring, up to $75 per sale and up to $5 per free email signup.

For more info, contact DatingGold staff.