Danish ISPs and Copyright Holders to Establish Pirate Review Board

COPENHAGEN — Internet service providers and copyright holders in Denmark are establishing a "Pirate Review Board" to settle disputes before they escalate into lengthy court battles.

According to Computerworld's Danish site, the board will seek to find solutions to avoid domain-blockings cases such as The Pirate Bay BitTorrent tracker site and the AllofMP3 site.

The rights holders side will include music companies such as Sony and EMI while among the Danish ISPs are TDC, Telenor and Telia.

John Kristensen of Danish information technology, telecommunications, electronics and enterprise federation ITEK said "talks are underway," reports TorrentFreak.

“I can confirm that we are working on a joint industry initiatives. But I can’t be precise on the details yet,” Kristensen said.

The Pirate Review Board will also address related issues such as three-strikes/graduated response legislation (just tossed out in France — see this AVN.com story). 

Instead of rights group sending out warnings to suspected online infringers through ISPs, the board would issue the notices. If those accused fail to respond or take corrective action, they would face a court case rather than the past threat of a cut-off.

Should the board prove successful, entertainment company groups plan to reach out to ISPs in other European countries to form similar bodies.