Dana DeArmond 'Sluts' Through Funny or Die Halloween Video

CYBERSPACE—Just about everyone has seen a Funny or Die video by now, but this Halloween, they've turned the hosting of the site over to legendary horror/sci fi director John Carpenter, who's brought together nearly a dozen videos that lampoon several aspects of the "holiday"—including a send-up of Bobby "Boris" Pickett's 1962 hit song "The Monster Mash" featuring adult entertainer Dana DeArmond.

So of course we had to call her up and ask her about it.

"And how is the Bride of Frankenstein?" we began.

"Oh, undead," she giggled, with the quick-wittedness that's made her a regular participant in Funny or Die's sexier fare.

According to the video's set-up, the original version of "The Monster Mash" was written by one Leo Carpazzi, but the record label rewrote his lyrics, claiming the monster imagery was too graphic ... but after seeing the video, we had our doubts, so we asked Dana to give us the lowdown.

"I was asked to do it by the director Justin Donaldson, who I've met through doing other Funny or Die bits," Dana explained. "He called me last week and asked if I would do it, and I was like, 'Of course!" There's tons of very funny comedy people that are involved, like comedians and writers and people who work at Funny or Die that all kind of chipped to make this video."

"So they had this song for a while, and they didn't really have anything to do with it until this Halloween, they came up with the concept of doing a music video for it," she continued. "And I was kind of like—the Bride of Frankenstein is like the biggest slut of them all, and they called me because I've done other bits for Funny or Die. I've judged the 'Dirtiest Sketch Contest' that those people used to have monthly, that they had to shut down because there were being so dirty, they had to change the rules so many times they couldn't have the show anymore. So I've kind of been their go-to girl for these comedy bits. Like I did a Funny or Die thing where I was topless; I did a bit with Jim Vanderbeek—I've met a bunch of people over the years, so usually when they need someone to look slutty or be topless or nude or whatever, they give me a call."

Sadly, Dana wasn't asked to be topless or nude in the music video parody, but she certainly steals the show as soon as she makes her appearance.

"So they were having me pose sitting on the bed being like the Bride of Frankenstein," she said, "and I suggested, 'You know, I could Tawny Kitaen the shit out of this casket right here,' and that's where we got the idea for me to crawl around on it. It's not a super-long bit, it's only a three-minute song, but I think I got my point across."

We agree!