Cydata Services Releases Version 4 of T3Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Website spidering provider Cydata Services has released version 4 of its T3Report product, which allows users to seek out affiliates and monitor traffic. 

The new version features rewrites in the back- and front-end systems and has options for lower pricing.

"The T3Report version 4 is a tool that allows affiliate managers to map out the affiliate landscape and locate potential business," company founder and CEO Brandon "Fight the Patent" Shalton told AVN Online. "This helps the affiliate manager moderate their time spent trolling message boards and sponsor parties, as well as money spent on advertising campaigns."

In addition to helping affiliate managers locate new affiliates by targeting their competitors, it helps them find new affiliate business by analyzing similar websites. Affiliate managers can focus on their competitors, as well as other kinds of sites that offer complementary traffic.

"If you have a Latina pay site, it makes sense to attract the affiliates of your competitors who are also running Latina websites," Shalton said. "The affiliate is loyal to the dollar, so if a program has new, fresh content, then the affiliate will try it out and watch the conversions."

Single-report pricing and a live walk-through demonstration are available.

Shalton said the service is more affordable than before, thanks to improvements in programming, spidering and database servers.

"The new pricing model is an unlimited number of T3Reports for $1,500 a month with a three-month contract, with special pricing until June 6 of $1,200 a month with three-month contract," he said. "Thanks to faster servers and recoding, we can expedite the processing of data quicker, which allows us to lower the price. Single-domain reports are available, as well."

New features have been added to display affiliate traffic sources and linking origins.

"Not only does the program show the affiliates who are linking to a pay site, it shows who links to the affiliate - their source of traffic - and who they link to," Shalton said. "In looking at who affiliates are linking to, you can get information as to what kind of traffic they have, so you can customize your pitch to them. By seeing their sources of traffic, users can bypass the affiliate if he turns down their offer and go to his sources of traffic."

Shalton said improvements are constantly being made and new features will be added.

"Moving forward, I intend to create the T3Directory," he said. "Affiliates will provide me with all of their contact information so we can, in turn, provide a ‘contact' button to affiliate managers within the T3Report, so they can write messages to send to affiliates through us, protecting the contact info of the affiliate. Additionally, the T3Directory will help affiliates because more sponsors will be able to pitch them products to sell, which means the affiliates can wait for offers to come to them."

Shalton said the T3Directory will be rolled out soon. 

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