Cybersocket Opens Nominations for Web Awards

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Cybersocket magazine on Friday announced that the nominations for the eighth annual Cybersocket Web Awards have opened.

Honoring the best gay and lesbian websites, the Cybersocket Web Awards offers trophies for both "Surfer's Choice" and "Industry Choice" honors. Nominations are based on the highest number of votes received for all submitted websites.

"The Cybersocket awards are the only awards of its kind in the gay marketplace — whether we are talking about surfers or intra-industry," commented Cybersocket co-founder Morgan Sommer. "Some have criticized our awards process as [being] little more than a popularity contest. In fact, it is a popularity contest!"

Defending the most-votes-gets-the-nomination voting process, Sommer continued, "We have sought to find out which sites surfers and webmasters choose. This is not pure science; it is just like democratic politics. This gives us some valuable feedback as businesspeople. Surfers often choose contrary to conventional wisdom or what we as the producers of websites think they should choose."

The deadline for submitting nominations is July 25. Awards will be presented Oct. 25 to the winners during the inaugural GAYVN Retreat. Surfers players can submit their nominations here, while Industry nominations can be found here.