Cyberfuse Technologies Releases Backlinxxx Widget

MORRISVILLE, Pa. - Cyberfuse Technologies, an Internet management company and advertising agency, has launched its Backlinxxx social bookmarking widget.


The Backlinxxx widget, touted as the first tool of its kind produced specifically for adult-oriented websites, allows webmasters, bloggers and publishers to display one button that gives visitors the option to bookmark favorite pages using a variety of supported social bookmarking services. This makes it convenient to manage and maintain a list of services and record bookmarked sites to a dynamic directory of the most popular Web pages. 


Backlinxxx supports 18 popular bookmarking services, including several well-known mainstream services, along with three adult-themed bookmarking sites that are exclusive to the Backlinxxx widget and are not available on conventional social media optimization tools.


This new SMO tool encompasses a number of bookmarking services under one shell and is the only offering of its kind being made available to the adult Web community, such as free sites, pay sites, domains, TGP galleries and blogs. Backlinxxx encourages users to bookmark and share content, while enticing return visitors, which leads to viral traffic growth through shared links and improved search engine optimization.


Backlinxxx also provides statistics that can be used to determine which bookmarking services visitors use. Currently, the Backlinxxx widget appears on highly trafficked adult Web properties such as, and


"We want to make it easier for publishers to experience organic, viral growth by encouraging their users to bookmark and share their content," said David Sichel, president of Cyberfuse Technologies. "Backlinxxx is an invaluable solution for publishers because it assumes the burden of managing a current and active list of bookmarking services, and it can be used to provide very real, usable statistics on how users bookmark and share their information."


The Backlinxxx button is displayed on each page of sites that support the widget. When a user clicks the Backlinxxx button, the Web page is recorded and displayed at Where Is Porn, a directory of the most popular adult Web pages. Webmasters and publishers can direct traffic back to their sites through listings by using the Backlinxxx widget. is divided into three categories that list each day's most bookmarked sites, the newest sites and all-time favorite sites. 


"It's not just the mega-sites that benefit from Backlinxxx and," Sichel said. "Any large-scale or small-scale publisher who provides good content can increase their traffic."


The widget is available as a free cut-and-paste HTML code snippet at