CuriousToyBoy Partners with IcooFeed

IcooSoft proudly announced today that it has welcomed Lindsay (CuriousToyBoy) as a full partner in its multi-niche leased content feed operation IcooFeed.

IcooFeed is an affordable and effective multi-niche video-on-demand feed solution for site/program owners seeking a proven method of increasing their member retention. They also provide a variety of niche content to members, all within an affordable budget.

"We at IcooSoft could not be more pleased that Lindsay has come on board as a partner with IcooFeed," said Wad Coolin, CEO of IcooSoft. "We know that having someone with his credentials, reputation and proven track record would take more than just an affiliate rep arrangement. IcooFeed is lucky to have secured ‘CuriousToyBoy' as a full partner to look after all marketing and business development."

CuriousToyBoy added, "I have built my reputation on my integrity and long-term relationships with all the companies of which I have been involved on various levels; this has been complementary to my overall efforts. Wad and his team are really top notch and have responded brilliantly to implementing my ideas to improve the IcooFeed offering and customer experience."

It doesn't matter which deal you sign up for with IcooFeed. Lindsay personally reviews every account monthly and revisions ensure that the best value plan for usage is applied and charged.

"IcooFeed is all about working with program or single owners on the same level, ensuring we are always providing the best product and service for the lowest possible price all the time, by remaining proactive to our customers needs. Being on both sides, as a feeds customer and now provider, I simply put into practice the type of features and service I wish other feed providers had offered me in the past," Lindsay said.

IcooFeed updates feed content daily. These updates, combined with new content across niches, assure continued growth in the depth of content. The ongoing and continuous improvement of IcooFeed provides a cheap, effective and useful retention tool for site owners.

For more information, visit or email Lindsay (CuriousToyBoy) at [email protected].