CSC and Want to Know How You Were Sex-Ed'd

SAN FRANCISCO—According to an announcement emailed to Center for Sex & Culture (CSC) members, news site wants to know what your sexual education was like—if you're willing to appear on camera to tell it!

"Here at TIME, we are currently at work on a large scale project, the goal of which is to get a good sense of how people of all ages and backgrounds have experienced sex education in the United States," the email from a Time editor stated. "As part of the project, we're creating a video of people from all over the country telling us their stories of how they learned about sex.  We're looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to tell us, on camera, their experience of sex education, whether it was in school health class, from their parents, from friends, television, etc."

"To be clear: this isn’t a project to learn about the sex lives of strangers, nor is it a political story," Time's editor continued. "We will not ask about orientations, habits, and interests. We will not ask for political opinions. We simply want your stories. We want to hear about their first lessons on sex. Did they have health class? Did they have an awkward sit-down with a parent? Did a friend or a movie or a magazine give them the wrong information?"

"Come be part of this video shoot!" CSC urged. "Note: You must sign a release, and please make sure you are comfortable sharing your story with the world. It'll be online forever! You are not required to be identified by name in the video, though."

The shoot will be taking place on Thursday, August 18, between 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. at CSC's new headquarters at 1349 Mission Street (at Grace Alley, between 9th and 10th Streets in the downtown area)—accessible by multiple means of public transportation. Those who'd like to participate are asked to let CSC know you're coming, and if possible what time you'd like to be there, by emailing the Center's director, noted sexologist Dr. Carol Queen.