Creators of LoveChess Series Release Erotic Computer Game, The Velvet Express

THE NETHERLANDS - Artmunk Games, the creators behind the LoveChess series, have released their erotic, highly interactive computer game, the The Velvet Express.

The game, situated in the '30s, was inspired by the golden age of luxury rail travel. The Velvet Express encompasses a myriad of sexual encounters to suit all tastes and due to the enhanced animation system, users are expected to experience an exciting, magical and distinctive journey.  

Artmunk introduces a new physics-driven animation engine with The Velvet Express, offering users a realistic sexual experience. The sex in The Velvet Express is interactive, which means users not only select a sex position and watch the animation, but also can control the rhythm and force of the intercourse.

Users can watch, play and record all experiences effortlessly and the resulting movie clips are compatible with common movie players/editing software.

Additional features include striking 3D scenery with detailed characters, nearly 60 different sex positions to choose from, four distinct female characters in their own settings and multiple male avatars to choose from.

The Velvet Express is an erotic game for adults 18 and up with advanced sex simulations designed to run on a Windows XP- or Vista-based computer.

For further information, visit The Velvet Express website.