Craig Jackson Announces His Departure from zBUCKz

HONG KONG - Industry veteran Craig Jackson, better know as CJ, announced

Monday he has left his position as chief executive officer of the ZBUCKz
affiliate program.

"After more than five years as CEO of zBUCKz I felt it was time to move on to new
challenges," CJ told AVN Online. "It has truly been a magnificent experience to be a part of zBUCKz since its inception. It meant a lot to me to see the sites develop and receive numerous awards, as well as become recognized as leaders in their niche.

"I currently have a variety of projects under development and will be releasing some
exciting announcements soon," he added.

CJ stated that he sold his interest in the program for an undisclosed amount to
his longtime business partner, Daniel Kaufman, who will continue to run the
program as sole owner.

"During our four years of successful operations, CJ and I have evolved, leaving
both of us yearning for independent paths," Kaufman explained to AVN Online. "I, of course, wish CJ the very best of success as he pursues his new goals. My plans are to
expand on the successful business model CJ and I built, while venturing into
new territories within the industry.

CJ can be reached at his new email address [email protected].