Courtney Trouble Is Peepshow Media's New Marketing Liaison

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Peepshow Media is building upon its three-year-old podcast business to launch an independent magazine-style website dedicated to news and stories from the sex industry—and it's hired industry professional Courtney Trouble as its marketing liaison.

In her liaison capacity, Trouble has already secured new sponsorship for the site, and has launched a grant program for sex-working writers. Peepshow's stated position is that performers and other sex workers are underserved by existing media outlets, hence its move to create platforms for unfettered discussion of the issues and experiences of those very sex workers. (Those interested may support that effort here.)

Trouble will also be selling ad space and working with affiliate programs.

Run by Jessie Sage and PJ Sage, Peepshow started in 2017 with the "Peepshow Podcast" and then branched out to the Peepshow Column (in conjunction with the Pittsburgh City Paper) in 2018.

The new Peepshow Media site will serve as a hub for these projects as well as reporting on industry-relevant news, essays, interviews, reviews and more.

The Sages have also created tiered sponsorship opportunities to meet different marketing needs. Recent Peepshow sponsors include Trouble Films, After Adult Podcast and Quick & Dirty Media.

To take part in any of these programs, contact Trouble at [email protected].