Couples Can Have A Simultaneous VR Experience At

LOS ANGELES—One of the shortcomings of VR has been that it's a lonely activity, very much a one-person experience—at least until now. Today, VR Bangers, one of the first adult entertainment sites in the world to produce 360-degree virtual reality porn, has announced the release of a brand new “cooperative” VR experience for pairs. The new offering, dubbed “Couples Retreat,” was created with the intent of allowing two partners to watch the video at the same time, taking part in the synchronized scene together, while touching each other in the real world.

“It’s a really cool idea,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of “Now you can experience the virtual reality porn together with your partner. All you two need to do is to put your VR goggles on, and let yourself be guided by the course of events in this sensual scene.”

The movie is completely synchronized and was recorded from the perspectives of both the man and the woman. This means that both partners wearing VR headsets will see the same course of events from two slightly different perspectives, and the scene will suggest when it’s the right time to change sexual positions.

“This is the first step to introduce a multiplayer experience to the VR porn world,” Abramovich explained. “We are constrained by technological progress, as the sense of touch is still a relatively new field of VR. We love to come up with such new and cool experiences for our fans, so we hope that the development of the technique will allow us to do so.”

Researchers around the world are trying to expand the experience of virtual reality, bringing touch and taste to the universe, yet it’s going to take some more time. Mutual interactions in this double VR porn movie is a creative solution that is possible straight away.

“This is a first ever experience of its kind,” the CEO added. “The scene should satisfy both young and experienced couples, and we hope that after the end of the show, our viewers will be able to let their imaginations go and make their sex lives more like the one from our exclusive VR porn films.”

Novelties like these are easily used for spicing things up in relationships, both new and old ones. The only question left is: Can sex (even shared with your lover) with other partner in the VR be considered cheating? The answer to this question is left to VR Bangers fans.

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