Company Converts Internet Chargebacks into Revenue

DENVER, Colo.  - While chargebacks have long plagued adult Internet entrepreneurs, Charge Back Resolutions (CBR) specializes in customized approaches that aim to turn chargebacks into revenue.

"Businesses can start off with a free chargeback analysis to determine how much transaction cash is being lost," Head Marketing Director Kirk Welsch told AVN Online. "Many companies perceive chargebacks as an unrecoverable loss of money rather than a viable revenue source, but our billing service system can and will add volume to their bottom line."

The approaches can be as conventional or aggressive as clients like, Welsch said, and clients pay nothing if CBR is unable to resolve their chargeback issues.   

"We will not bill a client if we are unable to percolate some kind of reconciliation," he said. "We have always operated on contingency, and that's how we make our money. In addition to this policy, our service will not cost clients a lot of money, primarily because we designed the system to integrate smoothly and because we take an automated and systematic approach to the recovery process."

The company offers a turnkey solution, online reporting and monitoring, and weekly payouts with flexible remitting, Welsch said.

 "Our turnkey solution is great because our clients don't really have to do anything," he said. "[They] take their data and put [it] into an Excel spreadsheet, and we take that information, plug it into our site, where we have multiple methodologies to collect on the customer of the debtor."