ClipClinic Offers xPeeps Sales Tool

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -, the site that helps grassroots content makers sell and market their clips online, is offering a new sales tool tied into xPeeps, the adult social networking site.

The new tool allows xPeeps members use their profiles to promote ClipClinic stores and clips.

The tool can be found in the edit profile options menu on the site.  Site members can input their ClipClinic information - affiliate ID, studio or store name - and the clips will appear at the top of the xPeeps profile.

If a member is not a ClipClinic studio,they may choose the store and supply their ClipClinic Affiliate ID in order to be credited for any sales generated.

"This is an opportunity for home-grown producers to expose themselves, share their video clips, and earn income in the process," said Director of Business Development Amber T. Myers.

"There is no middle man selling your content and you can create and customize as many stores as you want, and easily link to your stores from your profile through the sales tool," she added.

Users can earn 70 percent of sale prices for clips downloaded from each store.

Register for free at the ClipClinic site.


For more information, contact [email protected].