Cine X Latino Unveils New Website

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Cine X Latino, sister company to AEBN, has launched its new website. 

"Cine X Latino is fairly new, but we have received a lot of feedback, which we've taken into consideration," Executive Manager Angelica Pizano told AVN Online. "Cine X Latino is growing so fast I can't believe it, and I love all the people we work with. We are open to new ideas and partnerships, and we have been marketing ourselves to the Latinos here in the U.S., as they are avid consumers of our product. Furthermore, all movies are in Español (Spanish)."

The Spanish-language independent studio led by Pizano joined forces with the legendary Argentine director Victor Maytland to produce three award-winning movies in its first year.

"Victor was the first to bring porn to Argentina back in 1988, when the subject was not acceptable in that country," Pizano said. "He has since become a popular icon in Argentina, and people recognize him on the street. The first year, we won four awards at the International Erotic Festival of Buenos Aires, and all the movies were directed by Victor M. for us."

All of the award-winning movies from Cine X Latino can be viewed at the new website, which offers video-on-demand options of pay-per-minute, rental and download. The home page displays options for Cine X 69, Latin Puppies and Putiklub, which grant entry to the straight, gay and shemale domains, respectively.

The movies are displayed by genre, and full trailers are offered for all titles.

"Our VOD offers almost every movie one could think of, with a wide variety of categories and DVD functionality, options to burn and excellent pay-per-minute packages," Pizano said.

The new site features director and star photographs, biographies and extensive galleries, as well as interviews with people of interest in the news section and information on upcoming movie releases, award shows and events. The site also features trade news and information covering all aspects of the business for industry insiders.

"The informative sections of the site are wonderful because we are posting all of our latest press releases, interviews and star news, all of which is available to everyone," Pizano said.

For performers, there is a casting page from which they can send direct email to Cine X Latino's administrative offices to address ideas they would like to pursue with the studio.

"Our casting page was set up to connect anyone who is interested in participation with Cine X Latino as an actor," Pizano said. "We are open to anyone with or without experience who has a passion for what they do and truly enjoys it. We have also had writers send us their scripts with stuff they would like to see us make in the future."

For more information, visit or contact Angelica Pizano at [email protected] or [email protected].