Chris Marion Appointed Project Manager of

TORONTO - Chris Marion, a longtime affiliate manager for Platinum Bucks, has been appointed to Adult Rental as their new project manager.  

"Chris brings a great combination of skills and industry experience to this position," said Platinum Dave, CEO of Adult Rental. "First and foremost, Chris has demonstrated that he can be creative in an existing relationship and turn an already profitable partnership into something more. This was evident from his tenure as an affiliate manager, and will define his role with Adult Rental." 

This promotion comes on the heels of Adult Rental's addition of movies from 75 new studios to its already colossal catalogue.    

"There is no doubt in my mind that we have a superior product and dynamic brand," Marion said. "There is no such thing as a finished product in this business. The name of the game is change, but to possess the ability to change one must be guided by principles such as transparency and innovation."   

Currently Adult Rental offers $35 per sign-up or 35 percent revshare, and that's with no pop-ups, no cross-sales, no upsells and no dialers.

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