CherryPimps Celebrates a Decade of Success 

This article originally ran in the December 2016 issue of AVN magazine. Click here for a link to the digital edition.

Focused on providing customers with the best official porn star sites and live-cam content for 10 consecutive years, now features many of the best known porn stars and cam models from a wide variety of niches. Why has the CherryPimps brand succeeded through the years when many others have fallen by the wayside, and what comes next are questions AVN asked in this interview with their company CEO Jack Avalanche. And the answers may be very useful to anyone thinking of trying to build or expand an adult brand in the current digital climate.

AVN: Now that Cherry Pimps is turning 10, why did you start in adult and what can we learn in hindsight?

Jack Avalanche: Simply put, it was fun. The environment allowed us to be free and have fun while also learning and working in a constantly evolving landscape. My wife and I are the originals, and over the years we have added designers and developers that have been with us for over nine years. Having quality staff really makes it all possible.

That combination of a fully focused core group that puts all of their effort into a cooperative campaign to lift each site higher and enhance the overall network for models, affiliates and fans has become the hallmark of the CherryPimps brand. Whether other companies rely heavily on outsourced providers, or have frequent turnover of their in-house technical people, continuity is what has allowed CherryPimps to create and maintain a brand that speaks with one voice even though it utilizes many singular channels to publish and promote its overall success.

Has CherryPimps faced any adapt-or-die moments along the way?

Probably the most significant change is how much live content has really become the key factor for our longevity. We look back to the numbers we did in 2008 with our solo models and their member shows, and only wish we’d made a bigger move earlier on. We’ve been doing our live hardcore shows now for seven years and now we offer something nobody else online can. Probably our biggest value is simply to provide a good quality product to our consumers. We value their input and genuinely work to provide what they desire.

Again, the answers from CherryPimps CEO are refreshingly simple. The secret sauce of their success isn't about a nifty new interface idea or a mind-blowing marketing campaign. Instead it comes down to listening to customers, adjusting to their desires and providing a top quality product that genuinely seeks to serve their needs. While there is value of course in doing all the rest well, it's the core competency of CherryPimps when it comes to managing their community and providing fresh content that creates the sustainable kind of success all long-term, focused companies seek.

How has CherryPimps impacted the trajectory of adult industry trends?

We think we’ve been fairly big in pushing live content as a key component of successful paysites. The show platform we developed with our partners at Streamate has enabled many companies to launch show formats very similar to WildonCam. This is what allowed us to bring back the official porn star site model that actually updates and is more than just an archive site of old content. Fans appreciate regular updates, and live shows, as evidenced by the fact that they’ll pay for the enhanced experience as long as you deliver.

Interestingly, even when discussing the adult industry more broadly, CherryPimps takes an introspective point of view. The company is always looking for ways to improve its own products and seeing its influence in the ways its advancements are copied or adapted to fit the business models of other brands. Rather than overtly going out and trying to tell everyone else what they ought to be doing, the CherryPimps way toward progress is one of doing what is right for itself and demonstrating by example that much can be done to improve the view many consumers have of the entire paysite format. Rather than pointlessly whining or finger-pointing, it has proven to be much more productive over the past 10 years to run their own race and focus on doing their own best without the distractions of trying to gauge their results against the activities of competitors.

What’s coming from CherryPimps in the future?

We have quite a few things on the horizon, including over a dozen new sites from top porn stars and top porn niches. We’ll be exhibiting and launching at the upcoming Internext and AVN shows, and are excited to share our new projects. In the longer term we see our relationship with live content becoming more and more evolved. This combined with our plan to continue growing by adding more sites makes us optimistic that we’ll definitely be around in another 10 years, even bigger and stronger than ever.

The growth of course is balanced against the need to be picky when choosing the right combination of performers to work with on existing and upcoming new sites in the CherryPimps inventory. Already featuring an impressive roster that includes Megan Rain, Adriana Chechik, Dillion Harper, Dana Vespoli, Adria Rae and others, Avalanche was clear when he said, "We look for girls that understand building a brand requires more than just looking hot, they have to be smart and driven. We are very demanding of our contract stars, but we also put a lot into them in return.

"Our keys to success have come from surrounding ourselves with solid partners with similar long-term goals. Most specifically, Streamate, Epoch, SegPay and affiliates such as FreeOnes, RabbitsReviews and TheBestPorn to name a few, along with the contract stars that we feature."

Perhaps most telling of all, while CherryPimps has been a powerful force behind the scenes of adult online for an entire decade, it hasn't accumulated a long list of awards and honors for itself over the years. Instead, the company has always preferred to keep the spotlight facing forward, so its amazing roster of performers could gain the benefit of being nominated and awarded more honors than one can easily list in a single magazine article. In their words and their action, CherryPimps has continued to prove that longevity is much more about finding ways to mutually benefit with all of the entities and people you work with than it is about anything else.