Cherry Media Launches Dedicated Adult Mobile Resource Site

BARCELONA—Cherry Media S.L. (Cherrysauce), a player in the mobile adult entertainment sphere, today launched the first phase of its industry resource website,, a free dedicated service for anyone wanting to monetize adult mobile services. brings together a commercially focused blend of the latest industry headlines, news, resources, tools, recommendations, research, facts and figures, and business opportunities—all collated by industry specialists and organized in one online location.

The website’s main purpose is to help both adult and mobile companies generate or improve their business objectives for anything relating to adult mobile entertainment. will be updated on a daily basis with news and articles affecting this vibrant and politically charged industry sector. Visitors to the website can register for free.

Commented Julia Dimambro, founder and CEO of Cherry Media, "We noticed that there was a gap in the market for giving people and companies a totally dedicated, all-encompassing ‘source’ to obtain information, help and tools related specifically to erotic and adult entertainment for mobile and tablet devices.”

Dimambro added, “Our objective for the website is that it becomes a living and breathing entity which is being continually updated by both our Cherry Media experts as well as industry partners and anyone interested in the adult mobile business as well as driving the adult mobile industry forward in a responsible and professional way.”

According to industry expert Karen Ciulla, sales and marketing director at Private Media Group, “The adult mobile industry has been crying out for something like this. There are plenty of resources available for adult service providers, some of which include mobile sections, but there is nothing 100 percent focused for adult entertainment on mobile and tablet devices. I’m sure the website will become a great meeting point for anyone looking to monetize adult mobile customers.”

The site is also optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android, with more mobile devices being added shortly, so users can catch up on the latest information on the go. Visit to find out more to find out more.