Chaturbate Sponsors Female Empowerment Lounge at Webmaster Access

LOS ANGELES—For, the phrase “female empowerment” is more than just a buzzword. The live cam giant and its powerhouse chief of operations, Shirley Lara, have been strong proponents of helping women gain power in their careers and their lives. So it makes sense that Chaturbate has been a regular sponsor of the Female Empowerment Lounge at Webmaster Access Amsterdam.

For the 2018 gathering, Chaturbate has once again signed on as the sponsor of the for-women-only space. A regular component of both Webmaster Access and its sister show, January’s Internext Expo in Las Vegas, the Female Empowerment Lounge serves as an oasis for women to socialize and conduct business.

Chaturbate’s Lara understands the importance of the Female Empowerment Lounge. “Thousands of women are actively involved in starting or growing their own cam business ventures, and there’s nothing more powerful than seeing that women are embracing their ability to connect with each other when they attend conventions and expos,” she says. “The Female Empowerment Lounge at Webmaster Access Amsterdam will provide a private space with an open atmosphere for the women in our industry to socialize, conduct business and celebrate one another’s achievements, together.”

The Female Empowerment Lounge will be located in Bristol 2 at the Double by Hilton during Webmaster Access. Doors will be open September 8-9 from 3 to 5 p.m. Chaturbate will sponsor the Female Empowerment Lounge both days. Learn more about the company at

“We invite all women that are attending Webmaster Access to join us for wine, champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and to share their stories and experiences on techniques that can enable each other to reach their dreams,” Lara says.

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