Chat Company Virtual Adult Agent Debuts

DETROIT - Virtual Adult Agent, the first chat company and program developed specifically for the adult industry, has officially launched.

The program is designed to recover sales a program might normally lose, explained Pete-KT, CEO and founder of Virtual Adult Agent. As visitors to a site's sign-up page attempt to leave, a chat message will pop up on the screen asking them a few questions, including whether the really want to leave the site without signing up.

"However, this is only part of what it does," Pete-KT said. "It can be added to help push upsells in the member's area, or used to let people know about bonus deals you offer. It can be skinned or programmed to handle any form of client interaction you could find useful."

Pete-KT said he had encountered similar programs in the mainstream world, and decided its applications would be useful in adult.

"We were looking for a way to stay competitive on our conversion in order to please affiliates," he said. "This tool allowed us to generate better than average conversion ratios, which lead to more affiliates sending traffic."

Because the program is automated, meaning it uses computer bots and not live people, it never takes a break, he added. While there are several other applications within the program, the join recovery feature is the source of the largest income generation for all paysite, cams and dating programs, he noted.

"The thing to remember is that we thought of some very specific uses for this technology, but we don't know your business," Pete-KT said. "Set up a meeting with our staff and we can work with you to customize it to do even more for your specific program."

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