ChargebackHelp Hires New VP of Sales & Business Development

ATASCADERO, Calif.—ChargebackHelp on Monday announced it has hired Jacob Pomi as its new VP of Sales & Business Development.

Pomi recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor's in Business Finance. He will work closely with ChargebackHelp’s existing team to manage sales, identify new business opportunities, and help scale operations with the company’s planned expansion.

CEO Raja Roy-Choudhury expressed confidence that Pomi is ready to excel at the job.

“We hired Jacob as part of ChargebackHelp’s business growth strategy to acquire people with solid experience and knowledge regarding the e-commerce and payments industry," Roy-Choudhury said. "His educational background and professional experience in developing new business procedures make him a great fit for our growing team.”

Pomi will play a crucial role in increasing the company’s overall sales by expanding ChargebackHelp’s service and expertise to new verticals. He will also help expand ChargebackHelp’s current chargeback representment service. One of Pomi’s most important tasks will be to walk new clients through the process of defeating chargebacks.

If you would like to learn more about ChargebackHelp and our services or would like to introduce yourself to our newest team member, contact Jacob at 1.805.792.0044 or [email protected]

ChargebackHelp provides custom solutions that prevent chargebacks and recover merchant revenue lost to fraud. Its streamlined processes save our merchants from costly fees, penalties, and the risk of losing their credit card processing.