Chanel Preston Launches Blog on

MARINA DEL REY, Calif.—Chanel Preston has launched a blog on adult website that reveals an intimate look into her life as an adult star. Each week, she will disclose tantalizing secrets and provide insight into her mind. Preston’s first blog, titled “Why I Chose Porn!” discusses her reasons for entering the adult industry, and describes her nervousness and exhilaration as she stripped on stage for the first time. 

“Chanel is an extremely bright, new talent who right out of the gate is showing her commitment to connecting with her fans,” said editor Chris Thorne. “She's got the stuff that a great modern porn star is made of. It's exciting to see a starlet do things so spot on right from the start. Chanel is sure to quickly build a huge fan base with her strong commitment to connecting with her fans."

Chanel Preston’s new blog can be found here.  

Already extremely dedicated to interacting with people through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, Chanel felt blogging was the next step. Writing a blog allows Preston to better tell her story, from her start in the industry, to the everyday pros and cons of life as an adult performer.

“I'd like to thank the staff and owners for providing me with an opportunity to reach so many people on their uniquely prominent platform,” said Preston. “I chose to align with because it is the most trafficked site by both the adult industry and the consumer.

“Porn is a fun and sexy career but it's still serious business,” Preston continued. “More and more people are realizing this and are seeking to enter the industry. There's a lot of competition, which makes it necessary to be more than just a beautiful, horny woman. Social networking is important because it allows me to show legions of fans the fun, unique personality behind my porn star persona. I love blogging and talking to my fans—it’s the only way for them to tell me all the naughty things they want to see me do."

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