Claims First Adult Blu-ray Disc

Online adult company has announced that its release of Jenna Haze's Oil Orgy is the first adult title compatible with Blu-ray disc players. 

According to Chief Technology Officer Manny Ulele, CDGirls has been offering the Haze video and a second title, Luxury Lovers: Lesbian Edition, to Blu-ray viewers since January. 

Ulele said that CDGirls circumvented the need to go through licensed Blu-ray replicators by manufacturing the discs without copy protection. Otherwise, he maintains the end product is identical to any other release in the Sony-backed high definition format.

"We've got ten burners here," Ulele told "We're not stamping the discs per se, but this is the same software used by Sonic, using the same format. The only difference is we're stripping off the content protection. The discs work in Blu-ray players, so all the consumers know is that they are getting high-definition content."

Ulele added:"Why hassle with copy protection when the code has already been cracked, and major Hollywood movies are already being traded bit torrent, with step-by-step instructions on how to do it? The license costs $6,000 per title for copy protection. To go through all this hassle is stupid how many orders are we going to get?"

While Ulele would not disclose sales figures for the company's Blu-ray-compatible titles, he admitted that the numbers remain low. CDGirls plans a third Blu-ray release in May.

"We're releasing our high-definition titles in group sets, with the standard DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray and WMV HD discs packaged together," Ulele said. "What we're trying to do is say, 'it's out there'; we're here to help our customers, not just throw something out there and hope it works. Yes, this technology is going to have problems – Hollywood can't even get it figured out. The other side is: we've got it."

CDGirls is distributed by American X-Cess. For more information, visit