CCBill Launches Web Marketing Service

TEMPE, Ariz. - Global e-commerce firm CCBill has launched its Web Marketing Service, a new-generation affiliate system designed to help businesses effectively manage their programs.  

"Program sponsors and affiliates looking to maximize their profitability will find great value in WMS," said Jake Powers, vice president of e-commerce for CCBill. "We've listened to clients' feedback on how our old affiliate system could be better, and incorporated that information into meaningful, practical features of WMS."

Among its new features, WMS includes options for sponsors to create and configure their programs in a variety of ways to attract and keep more affiliates. Also, through new search and compare features, affiliates will find it easier to select and join programs that align with their needs, the company says.

According to the company, WMS works with CCBill payment processing to provide a safe and secure method for participants to receive payouts, without sacrificing oversight capabilities.

"That's an important distinction to make. WMS users get the reliability of leveraging CCBill for payouts, while maintaining control over their business," Powers said. "Whether accessing program management tools, setting up bonus tiers or developing/using marketing materials, WMS lets users decide how to run their programs."

WMS is now available for clients. To learn more about its Web Marketing Service or to migrate an existing CCBill affiliate account(s), contact Client Support at [email protected], call (800) 510-2859, or visit the company website to watch a brief overview.