CBS Rejects Pornhub Super Bowl Ad

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—A completely non-explicit commercial for submitted by the website to CBS for airing during this Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast was rejected by the network, according to Pornhub reps.

The ad simply depicts an elderly couple sitting on a park bench, with a Pornhub logo appearing onscreen toward the end. A shortened version can be viewed here.

A statement from Pornhub says the site received this response via email from a CBS spokesperson to the submitted ad: "CBS Television Network Starndards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission."

Pornhub vice president Corey Price suggested that the ad was less controversial than many others broadcast during the Super Bowl in recent years.

"The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail of ad spots and given our website's huge following in the U.S., we developed a G-rated commercial that we felt would meet the network's advertising standards," Price said. "We would understand their decision if the commercial contained sexually explicit or offensive content that wasn't safe for the family-friendly telecast. But there is nothing controversial about it, so we've released the commercial online to let the people of America voice their opinions."

The site has set up a safe-for-work page, located at, where visitors may vote on whether they agree with CBS' decision.