Catalina Cruz Inks Deal to Create Branded Prepaid Card

PHOENIX—Adult internet perfomer Catalina Cruz and PrePaid Adult Entertainment have inked a deal to produce a newly branded card for prepaid web access to Catalina's official website. The cards will be featured in over three thousand retail stores, including convenience stores, liquor stores, truck stops, adult video stores and various adult expos nationwide, with distributed starting in California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Distribution of the cards will begin in April, with full distribution underway by July. The retail price of the cards will be $15 for two weeks full access to the Catalina Cruz website and $30 card for one month full access, which also includes access to fifteen other adult Fantasy Girl websites. San Diego based PrePaid Adult Entertainment has branched out into the adult world from the mainstream prepaid phone card business.

Cards will be authorized by a retail store clerk; the purchaser will then activate the card in the privacy of their own home. Benefits for consumers include no monthly fees, no need to use a credit card and no requirement to give out any personal information.

"After many months of meetings, I cannot express how excited I am about getting to this point of actually launching the cards,” Fantasy Girl co-owner Catalina Cruz said.  “I'm always open to trying new things and diversifying. I love the idea of giving people the option of not having to use a credit card and it being very private, with no recurring billing, if that is what a user desires. I'm very flattered to be one of the very first solo girls in the United States to have a prepaid card in thousands of retail locations among big brand company names."

Catalina also will be touring the US at different adult expos this year, promoting the launch of her PrePaid Adult Web Access card, as well as doing magazine and billboard advertising for the promotions of her card.

"We are very excited that we have formed this partnership with Prepaid Adult Entertainment LLC,” said Fantasy Girl Entertainment president Brandon Michaels. “Bringing the Catalina Cruz Prepaid card to all the retail stores and also to the adult expos is something we feel consumers are going to love and want to take advantage of. AVN award winner Catalina Cruz has proven her dedication to her official website.” Michaels added that because Cruz has remained exclusive to her sire for 10 years, it is the one place where fans can enjoy her entire body of work.

For more information on Prepaid Adult Entertainment LLC, call (800) 560-1062.  

For more information on Fantasy Girl Entertainment LLC, contact Brandon Michaels at [email protected].