Carnal University Launches First Online Course

LAS VEGAS - Adult industry training institution Carnal University announced Wednesday that it has launched  its first interactive online training module, Introduction to the Adult Industry.
The course will take students on a historical tour of how the industry has progressed  over time. Additionally, it will delve into past industry pioneers, milestones, technology and pop-culture moments.  
Carnal University is offering the special price of $19.99 from now until December for early registration into this first module of their Adult Industry Education Series. The price of this course is applied to any future courses purchased from Carnal University. Future courses will include How to Make an Adult Film, The Adult Online Business, Being a Successful  Adult Film Performer and more.

The Carnal University staff is comprised of experienced IT and business professionals with years of experience in many fields and a long track record of implementing e-learning solutions for major corporations.
For more information about Carnal University's comprehensive online training program, visit the website.